Corporations, companies and organisations that operate within in the Deep are found in this section. Trade is the life-blood of any stellar civilisation and any one of these businesses can be found plying their trade across Reavers' Deep.

Type Allegiance Home World
Arbuthnot Minerals and Resources Ltd.
Asketon Fledgling Imperial Shetland
AWRG Fledgling Imperial Aries
Banff System Company Subsector-Wide Independent Collin's World
Brandon System Company Subsector-Wide Independent Collin's World
Caledon Ventures Sector-Wide Caledonian Caledon
Carellines Ltd. Sector-Wide Carrillian Carrill
Daibei Banking Systems Megacorporation Imperial Amdani
Dakaar Corporation Sector-Wide Independent Dakaar
Dakaar Minerals Sector-Wide Independent Dakaar
Dakaar Trading Sector-Wide Independent Dakaar
Dakaar Brokers Sector-Wide Independent Dakaar
Dakaar Surveys Sector-Wide Independent Dakaar
DeepStar Capital Ventures Sector-Wide Independent Outpost
Subsector-Wide Independent Tharrill
E-gentron Subsector-Wide Imperial Gerim
Eakoi Corporation Sector-Wide Aslan Kusyu
Fulton Metals
Subsector-Wide Duncinae
Gigadyne Corporation Sector-Wide Imperial St George
Hutel Sector-Wide Imperial Unknown
Knight's Legion Sector-Wide Imperial Khakhan
Larleaftea Hryawaowya Sector-Wide Aslan Roaa
MacGregor Minerals
Rob Roy
Medel's Mega Mart Megacorporation Imperial Gerim
Quantum Mining Ventures Sector-Wide Independent Mull
Scotian Deep Trading Company Subsector-Wide Caledonian Stirling
Semsarie Security Subsector-Wide Independent Outpost
Starstream Enterprises Subsector-Wide Caledonian Caledon
Sterilite Securities Sector-Wide Imperial Woomera
Teahleikhoi Sector-Wide Aslan Rau
Terasisima Tranport Lines Sector-Wide Independent Outpost
Therisys Subsector-Wide Imperial Kaagin
Tlasayerlaahel Interface Aslan Roaa
Tlasayerlahel Megacorporation Aslan Kusyu
Travis Commodities Subsector-Wide Caledonian Stirling
United Weapon Systems Sector-Wide Imperial Gerim
Vilhelm Industries Sector-Wide Imperial Gerim
White's Wager Free Trader Imperial Wella
MediTeknix LIC