While many of the known races live or work in Reavers' Deep, 3 human and 9 non-human
races call Reavers' Deep Home. These races are listed here.

Minor Human Races:

Race: Ayansh'i
Home world: Ghost / Reavers' Deep 3115
Extended data for this race exists here: Ayansh'i (1)(26)

Race: Happrhani
Home world: Rejhappur / Reavers' Deep 1218

Rejhappur is a dry planet in Reavers' Deep and the humans living there have some
adaptations for dry living. They reached TL3 before Caledon domination.

Race: Iltharans
Home world: Drexilthar / Reavers' Deep 1826
Known Colonies: Gaajpaadje / Reavers' Deep 1124
An aggressive culture that carved subsector empire in Reavers' Deep by conquest during
the Long
Night. Periodically beaten up by the Imperium.

Minor Non-Human Races:

Race: Derfi'gassak
Home world: Orkney / Reavers' Deep 2919

Extended data for this race exists here: Derfi'gassak (12)

Race: H'Oskhikhil Home world: Storm / Reavers' Deep 1404 Extended data for this race exists here: H'Oskhikhil (1)(4)(19)(26)

Race: J'aadje Home world: Gaajpaadje / Reavers' Deep 1124 Agile, golden-skinned omnivorous humanoids about 1.5 m tall and weighing approx. 65 kg.
They are confined to one planet and only achieved TL4. Trade
relations with Caledon
begun about 1110ti.

Race: Lajangigal
Home world: Lajanjigal / Reavers' Deep 1721
A tripedal race of sophonts native to the chlorine environment of Lajanjigal (Reavers'
Deep 1721).
The small population live a low (TL3) existence and are not often visited
by human traders.
The natives are an active, vigorous race, perfectly adapted to their
environment and although they have little in the way of technology, they are intelligent
and clever. They have come under the domination of the Dakaar Corporation, who uses
them as a virtual slave labour force mining the various rare metals and radioactives of
their homeworld. (1)

Race: Lhshana

Home world: Lhshami / Reavers' Deep 2111
Minor non-human race in the Caledon subsector, native to Lhshami (Reaver's Deep
2111). Descended from omnivore/gatherer stock, the Lhshana are small, averaging 1.2
meters in height, trilaterally symmetrical intelligent sophonts. Tentacular appendages
over each leg give them excellent manipulative abilities. A sensory cluster on each
tentacle provides organs for sight, hearing, smell, taste, and infrared vision for each
limb. The mouth is located ventrally and serves only for ingestion, with breathing
through a number of breathing orifices located in pairs under each tentacle.
An unaggressive, contemplative race, the Lhshana have enjoyed a fairly stable
civilisation for over 2,000 years, and had achieved some elements of tech level 9 by the
time they were contacted by Principality of Caledon merchant explorers in 598. They
have never shown any great interest in space or exploration, and had not invented any
sort of space flight at the time of the first Caledonian contact. They are now protected
by Caledon.
The pre-civilised Lhshana were dominated by the Saie during the Saiean empire
period, and traditions of their actions are found in Lhshana folklore and mythology.
Civilisation on Lhshami was given a boost, first by technology introduced by the Saie,
and later by human Reavers who visited the world during the Long Night.

Race: Polyphemes
Home world: Htairea/Reavers' Deep 1226
The Polyphemes are a primitive hunter/gatherer society native to Htalrea. Massive
bipeds with prominent external ears, a single large eye, and powerful bodies, the
Polyphemes of Htalrea were only recently contacted by human traders, and are still
only poorly understood.

Race: Saie or Yn-tsai
Home world: unknown / Reavers' Deep
Known Colonies: Tsanesi / Reavers'Deep 1711
Once a small empire of raiders using Vilani tech who turned on themselves. Fur-covered,
seven fingered, bipedal quadrupeds that are also
known as the "abominable snowmen" of
Anekthor, the great mountain on Glenshiel
(Reavers' Deep 1912) and remnants of a crew
that crashed 3700 years ago. The Anekthori
version may be furrier than Tsanesi. Home
world considered to be a
dim Red dwarf at the edge of the Rift.

Home world: Hoa / Reavers' Deep 0310

Race: Virushi
Home world: Virshash / Reavers' Deep 2724
Referred to as walking bulldozers, the Virushi are 1.8m to the shoulder and nearly 1 ton
in weight. A gentle disposition and easygoing, but not
stupid. They can be stubborn
when pressed.