Reavers' Deep - The New Era Game

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This is the home page for my Traveller The New Era PbEM (Play by Email) game.  This is a resource site for my game players.

It's 1201 and the area of space once occupied by the Islaiat Dominate is now controlled by a rapidly expanding pocket empire of Islaian, humans and Aslan. The Aslan leaders are pushing for further expansion, the human leaders are advising caution given the already stretched resources in their relic fleet, while the Islaian are their usual enigmatic selves. The characters are the forefront of the new exploratory force, boldly going where no-one else wants to go.

Captain Teanna Yhoul and the crew of the FAS Trailblazer are the first starship to leave the Kteieaelal Main in over sixty years. What will they find in the Deep? Will they survive to report back?