Game timeline

1132 Virus reaches the Islaiat Dominate
1132 Heavy fighting through the Dominate as retreating Knights Legions forces battle vampire ships
1132 Knights' Legion starship crashes on Hlaseuikh. Hiver and Human crew killed. Ithklur in cold sleep revived by Islaian locals and integrated into society.
1133 Last ship leaves Islaiat, is not seen again.
1133 Computer net on Islaiat collapses, records and space flight lost.
1165 Islaian on Ktaihei rebuild jumpdrives from Knights Legion technology cache.
1167 Ktaihei Islaian finish exploring Kteieaelel jump 1 main. Begin contacting Islaian worlds along main.
1168 Raiders from Ftao begin targeting nearby worlds using recovered starships
1169 Awheaoir of Clan Awtao unites Toaakhitleil in a bloodless coup. He forms a protection treaty with the Islaian.
1170 Core worlds form Ftahalr Alliance
1171 Scout service formed, scout base built on Auyuhsti
1175 Combined Armed Services (CAS) formed, military base rebuilt on Ktaihei
1176 CAS troops take and destroy the raiders bases on Ftao. An Islaian military base is established to bring the local Aslan clans into line and quell local wars
1181 Scout base built on Yaea to recover Aslan tech, world renamed Isiyea
1182 Advanced station built on Hwalyaea to recover Aslan tech, world renamed Mailyaea
1183 Advanced station built on Erlaw to rebuild lost Islaian population
1184 Scout base built on Oloih on ruins of Clan base to recover Aslan tech, as well as to monitor Aslan on nearby Aslan worlds
1185 Naval services formed, naval base built on Ktaihei
1186 Military base on Hlaseuikh upgraded for Ithklur, naval base added
1188 CAS split into army (peacekeepers) and Marines (legionaires)
1190 Scout base built on Syoyorlea on ruins of Islaian military base, Knights' Legion cache found
1191 Clan Kaoulei of Khtaao partitions to join the Alliance after a long drought. Membership accepted and aid ships sent
1193 Military base built on Esekheali to protect against raiders from Reavers' Deep
1195 Plan put in place by Alliance core worlds to allow Aslan members to expand back into Heirate space, Islaian members to contact and reintegrate lost Dominate worlds, and humans to expand back into Reavers' Deep. A high priority is placed on finding Knights' Legions caches and relic technology
1198 Construction begins on jump 2 starships
1199 Clan Kteitaao of Kteieaelal, who control the C class starport, partitions to become a client state of the Alliance. The Alliance accepts and begins construction of a scout base at the starport, as well as raising it to tech level 9 and class B
1200 War between several polities on Kteieaelal. Peacekeepers and Legionaires are sent to protect the starport and scout base
1201 Present time