Quantum Mining Ventures

The Quantum Mining Company was formed in 738 by Herminal Bromulus on Caledon. Initially setting up on Iron Angel (Reavers' Deep 2110) the company found selling gases and minerals to both Imperial and Principality interests to be profitable. The company purchased a mining lease from the Principality of Caledon to extract ores from the belt in the Claverse system in 988. Things appeared to be going well for the company until 1075 when a series of mining accidents and the loss of two ore ships resulted in the cancellation of the mining lease. Principality officials claim the mining company failed to complete annual maintenance on their starships.

The company was then purchased from its original owners in 1104 and has been aggressively expanded since then by its new owners. The company was renamed Quantum Mining Ventures as part of the takeover. In 1108 the company signed a 100 year lease with the Imperium for all mining rights in the Mull system (Reavers' Deep 2916). The company headquarters was moved from Iron Angel to Mull in 1109.

Divisions/Corporate Structure:
The original Quantum Mining Company only consisted of the mining activities. With the takeover by DeepStar Capital two new divisions were formed; a survey arm to search for new sources of resources and an arm to build mining equipment. The survey arm has been quite successful, the equipment arm not so much.

Corporate Culture:
As the mining operations of the company are spread out across Reavers' Deep a high level of autonomy is required. Each mine is run at the local system level. Quarterly reports are sent from each mine to the headquarters at Mull, with general directions and quotas sent back. Resource orders can either be taken at the local mine level or allocated from headquarters. The survey and equipment arms are based only out of Mull.

Mining is tough work, even at the higher technology levels, and the company offers above average pay levels to keep good staff. Hard work is recognised and rewarded with long term staff often offered shares in the local mines. Working shifts are twelve hours on, sixteen hours off, for twenty days. Staff then get five days off for leave off station. This cycle is referred to as a rotation, and every fifteen rotations the staff get six weeks off as paid leave. This six weeks includes two weeks in jump time. If staff choose not to leave the system the mine is in then they forfeit the two weeks jump time.
Below is the Quantum Mining Ventures corporate logo.

Corporate Affairs/criticisms:
Quantum Mining Ventures has one of the cleanest safety records of any mining company in the Deep. The new management Deepstar put in place after the takeover made every effort to clean up the tarnished image the previous company had. Funds were approved to get starship maintenance schedules back on track as well as purchase new starships and equipment. These measures have met with success with several major Imperial contracts being awarded to the company.

Current Projects:
Quantum Mining Ventures is currently surveying worlds across Ea, Drexilthar and Urlaggash subsectors for new resources to fulfil upcoming Imperial and private contracts. They have also recently undertaken to construct a Class A starport and shipyards in orbit of Mull in order to bid for Imperial Navy construction contracts.

Stock ownership: DeepStar Capital Ventures - 100%