Brandon System Company

Based on Collin's World (Reavers' Deep 1631), Brandon System Company was incorporated in 1012 to exploit the material resources of the Brandon system (Reavers' Deep 1632) to help support Collin's World. When Brandon System Company sent their first exploratory mission to the Brandon system they found a scattering of independent miners already operating there. For the first few years the company attempted to compete against the independent miners, only to be embroiled in claim disputes and petty acts of sabotage. Due to the increasing costs associated with these actions company officials sat down with the miners’ guild and negotiated an agreement. The company agreed to lease the miners their equipment, sell them their air and food, and in return would have sole rights to purchase their ore. This agreement has now been in place for almost 100 years. In 1084 the company picked up a contract for foodstuffs from Khtearle, which it transports to both the miners on Brandon as well as Collin's World. In 1107 the company signed an agreement with the government of the Gralyn Assembly to transport foodstuffs from its colony on Khtearle to Gralyn. These contracts have somewhat insulated the company from the regional strife caused by the current instability in the Carrillian Assembly.

Divisions/Corporate Structure:

Brandon System Company operates with two departments, Sales and Shipping. Sales is responsible for the procurement of food, equipment and other supplies to sell to the miners on Brandon, as well as negotiating the purchasing of Brandon ores. Shipping is responsible for the transport of material to Brandon, and ores from Brandon to Collin's World. Brandon System Company currently has just over 2000 employees. The current CEO, Terrius Gamna, has held the position for 30 years and has overseen much of the company’s recent growth. This growth is directly attributable to Gamna's push to sell shares in the then private company to employees. This capital-raising venture allowed the company to expand considerably, purchasing new ships that gave them the edge in winning later contracts.

Corporate Culture:
Although Brandon System Company wages are industry standard employees are highly motivated. This is because they are encouraged to become shareholders and company dividends augment their basic salary. The higher the company profits, the more returns the staff receive. Employees can only sell their shares to other employees, and in fact this is a requirement for leaving the company. This shares system means that the company has a very low staff turnover rate. Staff tend to be very loyal to the company as any indiscretions that result in unfavourable publicity for the company can result in the loss of shares.

Corporate Affairs/Criticisms:
Charlie Lin-Shring currently holds the position of Chief PR Manager, and is a master of public relations. Brandon System Company has a reputation as a top quality shipper that delivers on time and under budget. Much of this reputation is directly attributable to Lin-Shring's aggressive marketing to both customers and media outlets, ensuring that successes are promoted extensively while any failures are quietly covered up.

Current Projects:
Company officials are currently in contract negotiations with the government of Venice to help supplement local transport companies transporting foodstuffs from Aikhiy to Venice. Brandon System Company is also investigating the possibility of investing in, or the outright purchases of, Venice or Gralyn shipping companies.

Stock Ownership:
Brandon System Company employees – 100%.