Banff System Company

Banff System Company was incorporated in 994 on Collin's World (Reavers' Deep 1631) to exploit the resources of the Banff system (Reavers' Deep 1831). As the population of Collin's World reached 3 billion the Civil Service Government found that the cost of local resources, particularly the raw materials required for the construction of the living habitats that protected the population from the vacuum of the world's surface, starting to climb sharply. A group of local merchants was approached with the offer of a resources contract and thus Banff System Company was formed. Banff System Company prospered for well over two decades until a rival trade syndicate set up a similar mining enterprise in the Brandon system. A brief trade war ensued between the two companies before an agreement was reached in 1015. With the city-states of Collin's World divided up between the two resource companies, Banff System Company was able to get back to the business of supplying raw materials. As the population of Collin's World grew, so too did the size and profits of Banff System Company. Thus after 120 years the fortunes of Banff System Company is tied closely to the rise of Collin's World.

Divisions/Corporate Structure:

Banff System Company consists of three departments: Sales, Transportation and Mining. Sales handles the sale of the raw resources to the city-states of Collin's World, Transportation handles the bulk transports that operate between the two worlds, and Mining runs all local operations on Banff. All three department heads report to the Board, which consists of a delegate from each of the three companies that still own shares in the company. The 6000 residents of Banff are all employees of the company, while a further 1000 employees work in the Sales and Transportation departments.

Corporate Culture:
Life in the mines of Banff is hard but the miners are well paid, at times the pay rates have been up to thirty percent over standard. In the last six months there have been some complaints from the miners, due in part to declining maintenance schedules brought about by recent poor profits. This slump in profits mirrors the recent decline in trade passing through Collin's World, and this has been directly attributable to the current instability in the Carrillian Assembly. Morale is much higher in the Transportation department as the fleet of six bulk transports are relatively new and remain well maintained. The Sales department is starting to feel the pressure of declining profits with several high profile executives demoted or forced to leave the company in recent months.

Corporate Affairs/Criticisms:
Some segments of the Collin's World government have criticised companies like Banff System Company as being too singular in their core business and not having enough diversity to remain profitable in the current economic downturn. While it is true that Banff System Company only exists to bring resources from Banff to Collin's World, it has done so with great efficiency for its entire history.

Current Projects:
Banff System Company has no current projects outside of the Banff system.

Stock Ownership:

Telliter Constructions 1/3 share, Morgan Housing 1/3 share, Fouress Inc. 1/3 share.