Week Four - Jump to Oirue'ea

After exchanging data with the Dawn Chaser the two ships head out to the system jump point.
On the bridge Captain Teanna feeds the next jump destination to Kirth, a gas giant in the Oirue'ea system.
"I want a jump as precise as your first one Mr Gersen." she says.
Turning to her comms Teanna activates the ship-wide intercom.
"Attention crew, this is the Captain. At this point we will be parting company with the Dawn Chaser. Full staff meeting in the crew lounge after jump insertion."
Teanna switches off the intercom and turns back to Kirth.
"Lets punch it."

After the jump insertion the crew gathers in the lounge. Once everyone settles the Captain begins.
"As you are all aware our mission, as with our four sister ships, is to explore the systems around Alliance space." Teanna brings up a chart of alliance space on the holo projector.
"One ship coreward, one spinward, one rimward and two to trailing. Now we are outside of Alliance space I can tell you that while that is true of the the other ships it is not exactly our mission."
The holo projector zooms out to the four subsectors coreward and trailing of their current position.
"We will be heading into the Scotian Deep subsector. Our mission is to scout the old Knight's Legion bases at New Covenant, Dunmarrow and Hernne looking for relic tech. Our surveys of the intermediate systems is to be only as much as we can squeeze into the refueling window. The primary target is those bases."
Teanna zooms in on the three systems, six parsecs apart.
"New Covenant had a population in the billions before the collapse, and a tech level ten class A starport. Dunmarrow had a population in the millions with a tech level ten class B starport. Hernne had a population in the hundreds of thousands and a tech level nine class C starport. We don't know what we will find now but we do have extensive data on the secret bases pre the collapse."
Teanna switches off the holo projector and turns to face the crew.
Kirth mind starts to wander and he just hopes that he will keep up the precise navigation in spite of the out of date charts. He thinks of the ancient maps that showed sea monsters in unknown waters.
Nigel asks "Are we to make formal contact with the goverments of the world you mention or do we stay invisible?"
"Given our small number we are to remain invisible." replies the Captain. "We are to report back on possible allies and enemies. Our primary mission is to identify tech for retrieval."
"As a side note," continues Nigel "our route will take us close to the Principality of Caledon. While planetside, I met a Freetrader who says he encountered a hostile ship from the Caledonian Freetrade League. From their name it stands to reason they are base somewhere in the old principality! From their behavior it also stands to reason they wont welcomes us, but migth actively try to hamper us. So we migth want to keep a low profile!"
"Yes," replies the Captain, "intel has indicated the CFL may be hostile. We will have to take each encounter as it comes."
Heather listened and looked over the data. "Do we know anything of the governments or military of the worlds we are targeting? Also, how well were the secret based hidden?"
"No." replies Teanna. "We have whispers, rumors and 70 year old data. This mission is strictly observe only with regards to populations."
Teanna breaths deep, an unusual action for her species.
"We have details of where the base is and how to find it, but nothing on its defenses, layout or contents. All the data was lost."

The Trailblazer arrives in the Oirue'ea system and wilderness refuels without any issues. Within a few days they push out-system and jump to their next destination, the world of Aerin.