Week Two & Three - Jump to Ekhiwua'ea

The Trailblazer comes out of jump almost 8 hours and 30,000 kilometers in-system of the other ship that jumped with them, the Dawn Chaser.

Teanna congratulates Kirth on his navigation. "I was indeed assured you are the best navigator in the Alliance, and I believe you have proved yourself to the task."
Teanna then directs the ship Islaian world of Ekhiwua'ea. The ship lands at the D Class starport outside the largest island city and begins to refuel, later to be joined by the Dawn Chaser.

Teanna gives the crew leave to explore the rundown starport but as the crew are all on active duty you must stay within the boundary of the starport.
"In 24 hours we leave Alliance space." Teanna reminds them.
Nigel decides to head to the bar and listen to the chatter, especially from any merchant crews, so company from the ship would be nice in case of trouble!
Saihe nods to Nigel. "I wish to join you off ship."
Nigel nods back at the Islaian. "Glad to have the company."
Saihe indicates to Amalric. "You wish to join us?"

The ship is stationed only 500 meters from the old parimeter fence of the starport, with the bar a short distance beyond that. To one side of the bar is a shop that looks as if it sells foodstuffs, the other side a shop that sells camping equipment and guns. The buildings are old, single story and patched up with pieces from the starport. A dented metal sign hanging over the doorway states 'Halfway Home'.

Inside an Islaian bartender and waitress stand behind the bar, chatting to an older human in a beat-up leather coat with brightly coloured patches on the shoulders. The rest of the bar has seating for 40 or 50 people, but is currently empty. Behind them is a wall full of various drinks, with a door at either end of the bar. One door says 'staff only', the other says 'facilities'.
The waitress walks up as you enter and says "How can I serve you today?"
"Any local wines ?" asks Nigel.
They sit at the bar a few stools away from the other customer and staff, trying to listen to what they are talking about.
"Sure," replies the waitress, "red, white or blue?"
"Ahhh what the hell , bring me the blue stuff." replies Nigel. The others agree to try it. After taking their order the waitress heads back to the bar.
Listening in to the old man turns out not to be that difficult after all, as he is quite loud. He is currently complaining to the barman about being run out of a system several jumps to trailing by an unknown armed trade ship.

The waitress returns 5 minutes later with their order.
"That will be 5 credits." she says, waiting.
"Here's 15cr, give the fellow at the bar a refill and keep the change." says Nigel.
"Thanks." the waitress replies with a smile. She heads back behind the bar, gives the old man a new glass and points as she indicates Nigel as the source of the drink. Nigel will invited the man over and ask him about his travels.

The old man shuffles his stool over and offers his hand.
"That's mighty kind of you. The name's Henry Olsent, but folks just call me 'Buckets'. Long story, don't ask." he says with a wink.
"I'm about the head out myself , would like to hear about that run in you had, which system was that in? What kind of ship was it, any distinct makings or EM signature? Whats the system like? Any safe ports in the area?"
"You sure have a lot of questions," Buckets replies, "not surprised if it's your first time out." He takes a sip of his drink.
"Four parsecs trailing of here in the Therad system. I was doing some trade with the locals when a far trader landed close by. They pulled weapons on me, claiming the planet was part of the Caledonian Free Trade League. I ignored them, they started shooting."
This time Buckets took a slug of his drink, emptying it.
"I got out of there since they out gunned me. Didn't see any distinct makings and the EM sig was standard for that model." Buckets paused to think. "I've come from rimward, out of the old Solomani sectors looking for trade in whatevers left of the Aslan Hierate. Never come across this group before."
Buckets orders another drink.
"Therad seemed OK, locals were friendly. Not a lot of ports between here the old Solomani space, safe or otherwise." Buckets points his finger at them. "Keep your guns close and your wits about you otherwise you won't last a jump."
Buckets downs his drink, sets it on the bar and stands.
"Thanks Josie. I'll see you folks later, I gotta get me some bunk time." He flicks some coins on the bar and heads for the door.
After buckets leaves Saihe says to Nigel "Chief, wasn't the Caledonian Free Trade League in the Captain's brief? Pity we're headed trailing and not rimward, we could have gotten some intel from the fellow."
The wine is good, so Nigel inquires about getting a few bottles. The color should be a novelty in itself, the bottle can provide a little administrative grease once out system Nigel thinks to himself. The wine is 10 credits a bottle so Nigel purchases four bottles. Saihe and Amalric pass and head back to the ship while Nigel shops.

Later on Nigel checks out the shop , wanting to see if anything catches his eye, maybe a machete or nice mid size day pack. The shop has a full camping gear section. Nigel finds a few different sized machetes and day packs that suits his needs. He also finds tucked up the back of the shop a case of carbine ammo.
Nigel will look for a medium size pack, a low tech canvas type that shouldn't stand out on lower tech worlds along with a medium sized machete with a hand guard. He will acquire the case of 5mm ammo and get a receipt, its for ship use and will want to be reimburse. The pack and machete will be personal purchases, costing 25 and 40 credits each.
Nigel checks to see if the shop carry handguns, specifically either a local made tl-6 auto pistol or a relic imperial one on decent shape? He finds the shop carries a few .44 Magnum style handguns, nothing of Imperial design though.

Once they are through getting a bit of exercise Heather calls up to Sterlkar and TK. "We need to exercise the gauss rifles that were added to our armory. I could use some help in checking them out and firing them. The ammunition that we have may be substandard."
TK comes down from the top of the ship and helps collect the weapons and ammo from the locker. Carrying them outside TK comments "I think we should try this a little further away from the ship and populated areas. Perhaps the ocean's edge?"
Heather slaps his tail in agreement with TK. "A short march down to the ocean's edge would be good exercise TK. Let's bring empty cans for targets."
He motions for Sterklar to come over. Sterlkar comes over to assist as he is sure that a bit of target practice would not be objected to by the starport beacon on this E class starport.
The firing exercise goes mostly well. The assault rifles do their job and terminate many unsuspecting cans. However the gauss rifles are not as successful. On average 4 out of every magazine of 40 rounds fails to fire, resulting in a combat round require to clear the misfire. There is no way that the troops can see that can identify which will misfire.
TK scratches his chin "The captain will need to know about this."