Week 5 - Aerin survey

The jump to Aerin is smooth, with the Trailblazer precipitating out of jump at the 100 diameter mark of the world.
"Well done Mr Gethens." says Teanna. "Saihe, please scan the world, mark any hostiles. Gunners at the ready."
Sterlkar responds over the coms "Aye, aye."
Minutes later Saihe gives the all clear signal, no hostiles detected.
Teanna nods and comms engineering. "Mr Strawn, stand down jump re-entry protocols."
Within minutes the air was pumped back into the ship's interior, bringing it back up to one atmo, and the crew could remove their compressor masks. Teanna started to monitor the sensor feed coming in from Saihe's sensor computers. Pre the collapse Aerin had been a human world; 12,800 kilometers in diameter, a dense but tainted atmosphere with 60% water. There was some 300 million humans on the world with a Feudal Tech government, a Tech Level 8 economy and class C starport. The preliminary data indicated nothing but debris in orbit and an unchanged biosphere.
Teanna looked up from the feed and tapped her comms. "Gunners stand down, but stay at your consoles. No hostiles detected, we're going into orbit."
"Standing down." Sterlkar is heard to say over the coms.
"Mr Gethens," Teanna looked up at Kirth, "please monitor the sensor feed while I maneuver into orbit."

After a while the Trailblazer was in orbit over Aerin.
"Report Mr Gethens." Teanna asked as the braking thrusters fired.
Kirth looked up from the sensor feed.
"Latest scans show the starport is trash, nothing more than a few derelict buildings and a few craters. No detectable tech above early industrial. However significant population centers have been detected away from the starport."

Teanna ponders for a few moments.
"OK then." She triggers the comms.
"Attention crew. Saddle up for a touch and go. Incursion team to the G in 15 minutes. We will be landing on the coast about 15 klicks from the starport. Nil contacts within 200 kilometers of the area."
"Acknowledged." Sterlkar heads to the armory to don his armor and collect his weapons.
"Let's make this quick then," Teanna says to Kirth, "keep an eye on the sensors until we're back in orbit."
Teanna taps the control screen and the Trailblazer begins to dip into Aerin's atmosphere.

Nigel comms the others in the team. "Collect your gear. Be in the G in 10."
Nigel collects his CES, but with civilian clothing underneath, and in his previously aquired medium pack will be a coat long enought to cover the CES if need be along with assorted gear. Weapon load will be his Auto snub with two 20rds mags of Tranp and a few extras in HEAP along with his carbine and a pair of AT RAM grenades (carbine previously fitted with an adaptor) and maybe a few smoke loadouts. The rest will be what he usualy carries (knife, flash light, light, pen & notes book ect..) Nigel likes to be prepared. He will wait for the others to get to the G and see what they bring, but he indicates to them that CES will be prefered over Combat-armor.