Lightning Reds

  The Lightning Reds are a large, two meter long, swimming omnivore reptilian native to Khtearle.  Although they will eat the underwater tubers and bulbs of the oceans of Khtearle, they much prefer the taste of flesh.
  The Lightning Reds are air breathers but can live for hours under the water.  They can sometimes be found sunning themselves on top of the huge fifty meter wide water lilies that grow on the continental shelves of the world.  More often than not they are encountered underwater, usually to the detriment of unprepared travellers.  The Lightning Reds are extremely fast and absolutely vicious underwater.
  Lightning Reds are long and thin, with eight large, but short, webbed appendages running the sides of their bodies.  These webbed appendages also consist of four razor sharp claws used for ripping up their prey.  This attack often disables their prey enough for the Reds to finish them off with a snap or two of their needle sharp teeth.  The Reds’ get their name from the crimson colour of their scales, which allows them to blend in completely with lilies and other large water plants of Khtearle.
  Lightning Reds are only ever encountered by themselves or in pairs.  The female Reds’ lay four crimson eggs in amongst the lilies bulbs every five local years.  This makes them extremely difficult to find as the lilies crimson bulbs always comes out in sets of four.  The parent Reds’ then abandon the eggs to their own devices.
  The Lightning Reds attack their prey by stealth, waiting in the lilies and ambushing their prey as they happen by.  This stealth attack is what attracts the Aslan of Khtearle to hunting the creatures.  It is considered a rite of passage for a young Aslan male to go out, hunt and kill his first Lightning Reds.  This hunting has meant that the Reds have disappeared entirely from some ocean areas of Khtearle, but the world is large enough, and the population of Aslan small enough, not to endanger the Reds’ populations.

Lightning Reds' Stats:
Size: 50Kg each – 2D hits
Type: Swimmer Hunter
Attacks: teeth
Damage: +1D
Characteristics: A5 F7 S4
Climate/Terrain: Oceans to a depth of 300 meters
Organisation: Single or pair