Ground Slugs

  One of the largest creatures native to Zemlya, the Ground Slugs are a quiet and gentle creature, although not very intelligent.  The Ground Slugs are massive, growing up to three meters high and five meters long.  A fully grown male Ground Slug can weigh up to several tonnes, with the females being ten to fifteen percent smaller.
  The Ground Slugs are found only on the plains and hill country of the continent of Sukhoya.  The slugs feed exclusively on the many varieties of grass found in the areas they occupy.  Ground Slugs live in herds of up to twenty individuals, lead by one or two large males.  A grazing herd of Ground Slugs can strip an acre of grass in an hour.  While not fast moving, Ground Slugs have been measured at speeds of up to five kilometres per hour.  They move on hundreds of small pads on their lower surface, forward momentum creating a rippling effect along this surface.  While the Ground Slugs have no natural predators and are generally passive creatures, they will fight back with crushing blows if attacked.  There have been recorded incidents of campers being crushed to death when their camps have been over-run by a herd of Ground Slugs.  These days however most natives know to only pitch camp after dark and be up before dawn as the Ground Slugs only move during daylight hours.
  Ground Slugs live up to sixty years and the females give birth to a single live offspring.  Ground Slugs mature after fifteen years and the females can then have another offspring every five years after that.  Ground Slug flesh is indigestible by humans and the giant beasts are left alone by the native population. (19)

Ground Slug Statistics

Size: 8D6 hit (Jack)
Type: Herbivore/Grazer
Attacks: Crush
Damage:  4D6
Abilities: None
Climate/Terrain: Warm plains and hill country
Organisation: Herd (4D6)