News feeds lists a time line of historical events within the Reavers' Deep sector. Most of my work here will initially focus on the the classic Traveller period, followed by the ten years of the Succession Wars. Rise of the Reaver Queen follows a different timeline and will not be covered here.

This page
was compiled with the help of Donald McKinney.

A Short History of Reavers' Deep


Circa -300,000: It is assumed the Ancients settle humans on Drexilthar, Rejhappur and Ghost, and Droyne on Askoapoy (located within the Gralyn System) at this time. 

Circa -300,000: Several large asteroidal masses strike Rejhappur during the Ancients' Final War. 

Circa -50,000: The First agricultural civilisation in Reavers' Deep appears on Drexilthar. 

Circa -2600: A rebellious provincial Vilani governor seeking allies bestows jump technology upon a warlike non-human race in Reavers' Deep, the Saie. The Saie forge a small empire of five or six worlds in the Caledon, Riftrim and Nightrim subsectors. However, after a time they become involved in a disastrous civil war that shatters their society, leaving behind only barbaric survivors on two worlds, Tsanesi and Glenshiel. 

-2265: Zemlya settled by a mutineering Terran troop carrier. 

Circa -2250: Terran explorers first venture into the Reavers’ Deep sector during a lull in the Interstellar Wars, and discover the Virushi of Virshash. 

Circa -2250: Terran refugees opposed to the Terran absorption of the Vilani Empire settle on Caledon in what will become the Principality of Caledon in Reavers' Deep sector, led by prominent banker Charles Stuart Scott. 

Circa -2249: Germine settled by an offshoot group from the Caledonian colony. 

Circa -2235: Firth settled from Caledon. 

-2204 to -1776: Various Terrans settle other suitable planets within the sector. 

Circa -2000: Askoapoy discovered by Second Imperium scouts. 

-1950: Pendang is colonised by Solomani settlers. 

-1893: A scientific outpost is established on Askoapoy by Second Imperium scouts. 

Circa -1800: Tashrakaar, a planet only marginally suitable for human life, is colonised by Solomani following a misjump and forced planet-fall. 

-1800: The colony vessel Germania crash-lands on Hoffman. 

-1778: Budgetary crisis on Daibei strands the human outpost on Askoapoy. The last starship leaves Askoapoy for help. 

-1776: Official start of the Long Night.

-1723: The Droyne of Askoapoy help transplant the human scientists to Gralyn. 

Circa -1620: Coventry is established as a prison planet by the Second Imperium. 

Circa -1372: Khtearle settled by a refugee noble family from the Daibei sector. 

Circa -1320: Use of Coventry for three centuries as a prison planet and a site of numerous cruel and lethal biological experiments on unwilling subjects, ends. 

-1118: The First Aslan Border War begins between the Aslan and the Second Imperium. 

Circa -1100: The alliance of Reavers in Reavers’ Deep sector collapses. 

-1100: An Aslan colony ship mis-jumps into the Zemlya system and crashes. 

-1087: Drellesarr colonized by Reaver warlord Blackjack Duquesne as a refuge for his raiders. 

Circa -1030: A Reaver warlord, Grand Admiral Izanak, flees to Drexilthar. A minor human race made up of three ethnic groups, the K’tring, the Akakhad and the High Iltharians live on the world. He contacts the early industrial High Iltharian ethnic group and forces them to repair his ships. 

Circa -1020: Admiral Izanak leaves Drexilthar after his ships are repaired by the High Iltharians, and vanish into history. 

-1019: The Iltharans use their new knowledge gleaned from the Reaver warships to subjugate the people on the Tring and Akakhad Continents. 

-1012: First Iltharan spaceship is launched from Drexilthar. 

-1010: Pendang is attacked by Khalyasyu' Clan. 

-1002 – The first Iltharan starship begins in-system jump trials. 

Circa -1000: The Lshana, a minor non-human race of Lhshami, achieve a stable civilization that continues to the present. 

-1000: The High Iltharians, using reverse-engineered Reaver technology, have finally united Drexilthar and begun to launch jump-capable starships. 

Circa -1000: A human warship from the Reaver state on Drexilthar crashes on Gaajpadje. The crew's descendants form the K'tring human minor race. 

-988: Traneer settled from Drexilthar, primarily by Akakhad and K’tring political refugees. 

-988 to -970: The Drexiltharans establish their empire by conquering the other inhabited worlds of the Drexilthara Main, namely Tashrakaar, Drellesarr, and Drenslaar. 

-962: A series of Reaver attacks from Lishun sector on shipping near Sylea (Core 2118) force its ruling classes to stop ignoring the Reaver problem. 

-959: Baron Ricardo Urquhardt gains support to establish the Justice Fleet, to respond to Reaver attacks on Sylean shipping by retaliatory assaults on Reaver worlds. 

-930: Baron Urquhardt's anti-Reaver tactics force the Reavers to abandon Core sector. 

-890: Iltharans from Drexilthar develop the jump-2 engine. They start roaming through the neighbouring star systems, claiming them for their budding empire and "taxing" anyone they find. With the exception of Drinsaar, a former Reaver base, the Iltharans do not actively occupy any other systems aside from Rintarna, which voluntarily joined them. The Drexiltharans have the philosophy that "If our ships can reach it, it's ours". 

-835: The Loakhtari Clan sponsors creation of The Eakoi Corporation, a trade company headquartered on Eakoi. 

-800: The Eakoi Corporation establishes a base on Danelag. 

-685: Opitan recovers jump technology. 

-676: A colony ship from the Reaver Kingdom on Oloma crash-lands on Cuslets. 

-645: Aslan led by Leahyakhyen colonies Roakhoi. Leahyakhyen and his followers, who had lost their lands in a clan war, had fled the Hierate looking for new land holdings. Two generations later, after several natural disasters including volcanic eruptions, plague, and famine, destroy the colony ships and technological base. 

-480: The colony ship Bold Endeavor, bound for Andrios in the Urlaggash subsector, is attacked by Reavers and misjumps to Roakhoi, where it crash-lands. Although initially hostile towards each other, both the humans and Aslan of Roakhoi have created an integrated society with primarily Aslan cultural values. 

-250: The Gralyn System achieves a sustainable jump industry. 

Circa -200: Caledon acquires jump technology from Sylean traders. Colonies are established on a number of other worlds, including Duncinae, Ranald, and Fulton. 

Circa -200: Roakhoi is first surveyed by Aslan explorers. 

-200: Concorde settled by Aslan looking for land holdings. 

-180: Stuart settled by colonists from Caledon. 

-102: Jamieson Dundas of Caledon establishes the Principality of Caledon, comprising large portions of the Caledon and Scotian Deep subsectors in Reavers' Deep sector. 

-100: War breaks out on Zemlya between the Human nations and the Aslan populations. 

-100: The Loakhtari Clan begins moving into Eakoi and Ea subsectors in earnest, greatly assisted by The Eakoi Corporation. 

-86: A Drexiltharan base is established on Ildrathir (later renamed Victory). 

-75: Luiwaiwuah and Turin are settled by the Tlyetrai of Hoa. 

-63 to -7: The Asian Cultural Reform. The reform modified and codified Aslan culture and sets the future direction of the race. 

-54: The Battle of Victory. A small Caledonian fleet defeats a much larger Drexiltharan fleet. The system is renamed Victory by the Prince of Caledon to commemorate the event. 

0: End of the Long Night and the formation of the Third Imperium.

56 to 49: Aslan Cultural Purge. The purge enforced the new Aslan code on those Aslan who had not embraced it voluntarily or had left before the enforcers' arrival. There was a marked increase of dissident Aslan leaving the Hierate during the first part of the Purge. Many of the Aslan migrate to Reavers' Deep. 

68: Scotia is declared the personal property of the Prince of Caledon. 

87: The Ayansh'i contacted by Third Imperium scouts. 

Circa 100: The IISS enters the Reavers’ Deep Sector. Trade increases considerably, as does Iltharian raiding. 

Circa 100: The Drexilthar Empire, controlled by the Iltharan human minor race of is at its height at this time. 

100: The infant Principality of Caledon turns back the conquistadors of Drexilthar, but not before losing Duncinae, Ranald, and Fulton. 

102: Caledonian merchants first contact the Lhshana on Lhshani. 

105: Imperial scouts visit Khtearle. 

107: Third Imperium scouts survey Reavers' Deep. Upon contact, the Drexiltharans and the Imperials clash in several ugly incidents. 

110: Orkney first surveyed by Imperial scouts. 

126: A Caledonian merchant ship visits Hoffman. 

180: The IIS discover the Derfi'gassak during the second survey of Orkney. 

200 to 300: A rise in interstellar activity increases the number of Drexiltharan attacks on colonies and shipping. The Drexiltharans make themselves thoroughly unpopular with all their neighbours. 

202: Concorde joins the Third Imperium. 

212: The "Peace of Dark Nebula" is established between the Aslan and some polities in Magyar sector. 

257: The Principality of Caledon engineers revolts on Duncinae, Ranald, and Fulton. This results in open war between Drexilthar and Caledon. 

266: The Imperium enters the Caledon-Drexilthar war on Caledon's side. 

267: Drinsaar is conquered by the Imperium. 

268: Drexilthar is bombed back to pre-stellar industry levels by elements of the Imperial White Fleet. 

268: The Imperial White Fleet bombards Drexilthar to suppress its violent natives. The planet takes centuries to recover. 

285: Aslan tribes on Zemlya forced to sign the Gusinayan Peace Accord. 

289: Civil war breaks out on Khtearle. 

Circa 295: Los is settled by a break-away group from Caledon. 

Circa 300: Tensions rise again as the Old Earth Union grows more active in Reavers' Deep sector. The Aslan clans argue that the Treaty of Dark Nebula is binding on all human states. 

301: Aktirao clan ship arrives at Khtearle. 

309 to 328: The First Civil War within the Principality of Caledon breaks out. The governments of Duncinae, Ranald, and Fulton secede from Caledon and organize themselves into the Confederacy of Duncinae. 

Circa 330: The Virushi, a peaceful minor race native to Virshash, is contacted by the Imperium and joins. 

335-015: Medel's Mega Mart registered by its founder Shamus Medel. 

353: The Imperium grants local autonomy to the Kolan Hegemony as it expands into the Deep. 

360: Dr. Charles Abercrombie of the Principality of Caledon explores Grendal and surrounding systems and subsequently leads a colonizing venture to Grendal. 

373: The Morris clan passes through Principality space on their way to colonize Morristown. 

374: Indiscriminate attacks upon Aslan ships by the Old Earth Union lead to serious naval engagements. 

378: The Aslan Duel-War begins after Aslan envoys and Imperial Admiral Suukar agree to terms for a ritual war in Reavers’ Deep and Daibei sectors. A ceasefire is observed elsewhere. 

380 (5372 Aslan): After several battles the Imperium captured Gavza, and the Imperial ambassador receives the ritual apology from the Aslan clans on Ftahalr (Dark Nebula 1208). The "Peace of Ftahalr" is signed and ratified by all parties. 

455: An Uawairlew clan ship arrives at Khtearle. 

458: Garim annexed by the Third Imperium. 

482: A Hiyulew clan ship arrives at Khtearle. 

495: War erupts between Aslan clans on Khtearle. 

500: The clan war on Khtearle ends. 

517: Growing tensions in the Drexilthar and Fahlnar subsectors of Reavers' Deep prompt the Imperium to "sponsor" peace conferences in the neutral Carrill system. 

519: The Carrillian Assembly is formed. The Articles of Assembly that are signed at the Carrill conferences federate the formerly feuding parties into the Assembly, with Carrill as the capitol. 

542: Tharrill and its sister world, Anatar, are colonized by the Carrillian Assembly shortly after that state's formation. 

563: Caledonian explorers contact the TL 3 Yn-tsai (Saie), a non-human race living there but not native to the planet, of Tsanesi and place them under royal protection. 

578: A Caledonian merchant causes a riot on Germaine. In response Caledon forces a trade agreement on Germaine. 

578: Winchestur Mollh is born on Sterling. 

598: Merchant explorers from the Principality of Caledon survey Lhshami and contact the early-TL 9 Lhshana, a non-human race native to the planet. Formal relationships and trade agreements are formed with them. 

609: Petzina colonized from nearby Woomera. 

644: Winchestur Mollh, a wealthy merchant prince in Reavers' Deep sector, leaves much of his estate to advance the study of psionics. A memorial is built on his homeworld of Sterling. 

678: Captain Donald Morrison visits Doom and discovers a hidden base. 

710: Lurammish settled. 

727: Gralyn colony ships arrive at Khtearle. 

738: Quantum Mining Ventures formed on Caledon and begins exploiting Iron Angel. 

760: The Confederacy of Duncinae establishes Coventry as an exile world for political dissidents and criminals. 

789: A Carrillian Assembly Peacekeeper patrol ship chases a pirate ship down to the surface of Lanisteg. 

793: Horacio settled by immigrants from St George. 

800 to 875: Expansion of the Principality of Caledon's mercantile and trading interests, era of considerable exploration and expansion by the Principality in all directions. 

810: One of the richest lanthanum strikes in the history of the Reavers' Deep sector is discovered on Dakaar, and becomes the basis for the ruthless Dakaar Corporation. 

827: Lanisteg settled by colonists from Carrill. 

831: Marlheim invades Pendang. 

833: The Principality of Caledon establishes a trade enclave on Dunmarrow. 

846: Subsidized by the Principality government, the Scotian Deep Trading Company upgrades the starport on Rejhappur's moon from class D to class C. The improvements are intended to support the increased rimward trade with various enclaves and trade centers on Rhys, Brighton, and Dunmarrow. 

852: The Lanisteg colony is devastated by violent solar flares erupting from its primary star Lanis, causing massive destruction to the colony and hundreds of deaths. 

854: Arbuthnot Minerals and Resources Ltd establishes a mining colony on Linda. 

860: Roye regains jump technology and begins trade with nearby worlds. 

860: Sir James Armstrong of Caledon founds a wilderness retreat, which later becomes a full-fledged colony on Glenshiel. 

870: Five hundred colonists, mostly retired Imperial Naval personnel, settle what is to become Outpost. 

871: Outpost voluntarily petitions to become an Imperial client state. A loophole in the Treaty of Ftahalr then allows the Imperium to establish a naval base there. 

872: The Imperium establishes a naval base at Outpost, five parsecs past the Imperial border, to protect trade and maintain communications with the Confederacy of Duncinae. 

874: James Dunbar establishes a trading post for the Scotian Deep Trading Company on Rejhappur to support the jaihe trade. 

883: Dissidents from Purity are exiled to Purgatory. 

902: Oloma and Opitan purchase jump-capable ships from the Principality of Caledon. 

903: Prince Janin Kresh of Oloma attempts to annex Opitan, resulting in nuclear war between the two worlds. 

904: Ildrissar is settled by the Carrillian Assembly. 

910: LSP purchase mining rights to the Ikuna Belt. 

Circa 910: Datinar is colonised after a major platinum-iridium strike. 

912: Grampia settled by MacGregor Minerals from Rob Roy. 

916: Vilhelm Industries registered on Gerim. 

922: The "Red Plague" strikes Anatar in the Tharrill system in "one of the most horrible catastrophes in human history." Within two years, 90% of the population is wiped out. 

925: Daken is settled. 

Circa 960: The inhabitants of Traneer begin to re-industrialize, with little concern for their planetary ecology. 

964: Clasp Publications on Marlheim publishes "Siyreakhaotoior: Classic Aslan Legends in Translation." 

985: A colony is established at the south pole of Daken to harvest the coral-like "goldsand". 

988: Quantum Mining Ventures purchase a lease for Claverse from the Principality of Caledon. 

991: Germaine breaks its trade agreements with the Principality of Caledon. 

994: Banff System Company incorporated on Collin's World. 

998: Two of the three largest mines on Datinar shut down, causing a planet-wide recession. 

1000: Twelve protesters are killed in the "Birthday Massacre" on Garrison, prompting a planet-wide rebellion. 

1000: Marine Commandant Greyson holds supreme power under martial law on Garrison for over a decade. 

1002: The Snox nation on Khtearle proposes a Council of Nations to the other factions on the world. 

1006: All but one Aslan clan joins the Khtearle Council of Nations. 

1010: Sian settled by the Carrillian Assembly. 

Circa 1010: The Knight's Legion mercenary group formed by Sir Melerth Khakhan on Khakhan. 

1012: Brandon System Company incorporated on Collin's World. 

1015: The trade war between Brandon System Company and Banff System Company ends. 

1024: The Principality of Caledon Dynastic Crisis of 1024, a.k.a. the Second Civil War. The conflict is sparked by Prince Colin dying without issue. Two rival claimants to the throne, Admiral Earl Maxwell and Edward, Lord Campbell, emerge. 

1024: At the decisive Battle of Dunbarton, Lord Campbell's forces are victorious over his rival, Admiral Earl Maxwell. Lord Campbell is backed by several of the wealthiest mercantile corporations within the Principality and Campbell's victory was largely due to his superior war chest. 

1025: During the Dynastic Crisis of 1024 the Scotian Deep Trading Company, led by Robert Armstrong, actively supports the Campbell faction, and as a result gains considerable influence at court, as well as a Barony for Lord Armstrong. 

1025-004: Prince Edward, formerly Lord Campbell, ascends the throne of the Principality of Caledon in Reavers' Deep sector. 

1030: Increased volcanic activity causes heavy pollution of Dran's atmosphere. 

Circa 1030: Trade with the J'aadje, a minor race on Gaajpadje, opens with the Principality of Caledon. The K'tring remnant of the Iltharan human minor race from Drexilthar is not yet found. 

1030: Prince Edward of Caledon grants administration rights on Rejhappur to the Scotian Deep Trading Company, in recognition of their support during the Dynastic Crisis of 1024. 

1058: Aslan traders employed by Tlasayerlaahel re-contact Roakhoi, with its mixed Aslan and human population. 

1058: Roakhoi is opened for trade, primarily tlaospice, by the Tlasayerlaahel trading corporation operating out of Roaa. 

1059: Forces of the Scotian Deep Trading Company defeat a coalition of steppe nomads on Rejhappur at the Battle of Simbula, excluding the nomads from the world's fertile regions. 

1070: A blood feud between submarine families starts on Roye. 

1075: The blood feud on Roye ends with the deaths of fifteen family members. The Council of Eight is forced to step in and end the feud. 

1075: Quantum Mining Ventures loses its lease on Claverse after several mining accidents. 

1080: Dakaar Trading enslaves the Languljigee minor race on Lajanjigal, to begin mining rare earth elements and radioactives discovered by one of their survey ships. 

1086: Luiwaiwuah conquered by Hoa. 

1086: The Cassandra Strike throws the Dakaar Corporation out of the Cassandra system (Reavers' Deep 1924) allowing the miners to become independent. 

1087: The Tlyetrai of Hoa attempt to re-claim Turin but are repelled. 

1098: Roakhoi starport upgraded from D to C. 

1098: Jericorp Mining founded by Gill Jeric in the Drexilthar subsector of Reavers' Deep sector. 

1098: The Scotian Deep Trading Company begins work on Nahawaijohm, the first settlement in the steppes on Rejhappur, but steppe nomads work to stop the construction. 

1098: The Council of Eight on Roye purchases a Far Trader and begins trade with the Imperium. 

1101: A terrorist attack on a cruise liner orbiting Griffin marks the start of several years of conflict on the world. 

1102: Jericorp Mining comes to Tashrakaar, one of a dozen small independent companies working the valuable mineral flats there. 

1103: The Nahawaijohm settlement is finally completed on Rejhappur, but only after the Scotian Deep Trading Company brings in a sizable contingent of mercenaries. 

1103: Hal Southerland joins Jericorp Mining as a mining engineer, working on Tashrakaar. 

1104: Scientists establish a research centre in the Shadowland mountains of Kraan to study an intact Iltharan base from the edge of their Drexilthar empire. 

1104-253: Quantum Mining Ventures purchased by Deepstar Capital Ventures. 

1105: Stiff economic competition between the Aslan Tlasaverlaahel merchant corporation and the Human Caledon Ventures erupts in the Roakhoi system. 

1105: Sir Percival Jameison arrives on Rejhappur as the new Director-General for the Scotian Deep Trading Company, determined to conquer all the unpacified nomadic tribes. 

1107: An expedition to scale Anekthor on Glenshiel meets with disaster, with only two survivors. 

1107: The safety interlocks for the undersea colony domes on Sarrad inexplicably fail, killing all but a few thousand of the planet's three million inhabitants. 

1107: Ankara is declared a Red Zone by Imperial officials in the Nightrim subsector as violence against outsiders increase. The scout base in the system is put on alert as tensions rise. 

1108-003: Quantum Mining Ventures purchases a 100 year lease of Mull from the Imperium and begins to move its headquarters from Iron Angel to there. It begins upgrading the starport from class C to class A to conform with Imperial contracts. 

1108: World war starts on Merisun when all nations takes sides in a rapidly escalating dispute. 

1108: Director-General Sir Percival Jameison is confronted by an angry mob on Rejhappur. His order to the native garrison to disperse the mob results in his death, and the start of the Rejhappur Revolt. 

1108: A revolt on Rejhappur leads to significant problems for the Scotian Deep Trading Company. 

1109-202: Quantum Mining Ventures completes the move of its headquarters from Iron Angel to Mull. 

1109-230: A revolt against the Carrillian Assembly begins on Ildrissar after Ildrissarians started protesting the enforcement of new Assembly tariffs on internal trade. It is reported a contingent of Assembly Marines opened fire on the demonstrators causing the death of 314. High Justice Daldreem used the protest and subsequent strikes, work stoppages and withholding of tariffs to mobilise the Assembly Navy and launch an invasion of Ildrissar. The situation on Ildrissar is still in flux, with Carrill controlling the starport and several cities and the Ildrissarian Patriotic Front controlling the rest of the planet. 

1109-241: The Principality of Caledon opened Htalrea to human trade today via the Confederacy of Duncinae. This is seen as a step forward in free trade by local markets and a welcome move. 

1109-301: The “Vision of Beauty”, an Imperial 20,000 Dton light cruiser, suffered major damage after an unexplained explosion while docked at the Shetland navy shipyards. The 'Vision of Beauty' was in-system for its annual maintenance cycle and casualties have been reported as minimal. Imperial authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion. 

1109-345: Notorious corsair and criminal mastermind Jaserlak 'The Finger' Doftermek was executed today on Petzina for crimes against the Imperium. In his final statement before his execution Doftermek proclaimed that blood would flow as a consequence of his death. 

1110: Start of the Classic Traveller Era.

1110-11: A diplomat announced today that the Carrillian Assembly has invited Drenslaar to join that body, and has sent its navy to 'help' in the negotiations. Reports from Drenslaar indicate that all resistance is being quashed. 

1110-35: Sternmetal Horizons, LIC announced today that it was increasing mining operations on Luushakaan after new deposits of Sillisite were found. Subsector stocks of Sternmetal rose 5 percent points on the news. 

1110-87: In recent months, Luushakaan has been the object of several tradewar raids by an unknown but evidently strong assailant. Evidence has pointed strongly towards Delgado Trading, LIC, as the culprit, and Sternmetal has launched two minor retaliatory attacks against Delgado operations in the Cassandra Belt as a result. 

1110-88: Santiago raiders destroyed by an Arbuthnot Minerals & Resources Ltd patrol cruiser. 

1110-93: The Dakaar Corporation has begun negotiations with the government of Sarrad to construct new colony domes in return for mineral extraction and processing rights. Imperial officials were unimpressed with the news with a local economist claiming the risks did not justify the returns. 

1110-101: The Santiagos government sends a strike team to take out Linda patrol cruisers. Interplanetary war between the two worlds ensues. 

1110-148: Several battalions of the Knight's Legion arrived on Outpost today and set up a mobile command in the warehouse district next to the Imperial Navy base. Imperial officials have confirmed that the mercenary company has been engaged to support Imperial interests in the region but were silent on the level of support or who in the Imperial Navy had issued the mercenary ticket. 

1110-222: Admiral Dickson Jazzak, Commander of the Fleet of St George, confirmed today that several surplus warships have been leased to the Shadow Fleet. The Shadow Fleet is a merchant company that provides transport logistics for the Knight's Legion. 

1111-16: The Dakaar Corporation begins construction of the new colony domes on Sarrad in return for mineral extraction and processing rights from the world's government. At the same time Dakaar Minerals mining equipment was moved onto a newly constructed mobile platform on the southern ocean. 

1113-121: Today Caledon Ventures began establishment of a permanent trading post on Htalrea's northern continent of Teltrata. 

1113-187: Riots are sparked on Mirak when local citizens attempt to defend the crew of the free trader MacBeth, registered out of the Confederacy of Duncinae, from police harassment. 

1113-268: Trallatrel Corporation begins construction of an outpost on Htalrea's southern continent. This is the second permanent offworld trade settlement on Htalrea since the Principality of Caledon opened the world to human trade. 

1113-332: Officials of Caledon Ventures and the Scotian Deep Trading Company announce their final amalgamation under Caledon Ventures from Stirling. The president of Scotian Deep acknowledged that the amalgamation was the only way the company could continue to trade. 

1113-364: Caledon Ventures officials on Dunmarrow warn its personnel in the Ea and Scotian Deep subsectors that action from the Aslan company Tlasayerlaahel is expected against their interests. 

1114-029: The Grand Duchy of Marlheim closes its borders to all shipping from the Confederacy of Duncinae following riots on Mirak late last year. 

1114-038: Roger Vane is elected President of the Confederacy of Duncinae. 

1114-048: Caledon Ventures signs an agreement with the K'Tring state on Gaajpadje placing K'Tring and J'aadje disputes in the hands of company mediators. 

1114-058: The Second Treaty of Ftahalr is signed on Ftahalr (Dark Nebula 1208) by representatives of “The 29” from the Aslan Hierate, the Third Imperium and the Solomani Confederation (under stated duress of course). This historic second treaty, signed exactly 734 years after the first treaty, confirms the independence of the worlds in the Reavers' Deep and Dark Nebula sectors and guarantees non-interference from the three major polities bordering these sectors. 

1116: End of the Classic Traveller Era and start of the MegaTraveller Era and the Succession Wars.

1124: End of the MegaTraveller Era and the Succession Wars.