Type D Frontier Trader

  The Type D is a medium range freighter, constructed by Vilhelm Industries in the Reavers' Deep Sector for the last 24 years.  Although the Type D can be well armed, having six hard points, they are rarely armed within the Imperium but are often sporting weapon mounts outside of Imperial space.
  The Type D has a good jump range of three parsecs but is not particularly manoeuvrable at 1G.  The original Type A Frontier Trader was constructed over 100 years ago, with each variation being constructed for around 25 years before the design was upgraded.  The Type A is renowned for its reliability and a few of them can still be found in the Deep.
  The primary construction yard for the Frontier Trader is Gerim in the Caledon Subsector of Reavers' Deep and the first Type E Frontier Trader is expected to come out the yards early next year.  Vilhelm Industries does not name each individual ship that comes out of its yards instead assigning each one a registration number.
  There are currently 145 Type Ds registered in Reavers' Deep.  Standard build time is 24 months however at their height of production the Gerim yards were able to cut the construction time to 20 months for one order of ten ships.

  Depending on passenger numbers crew can be required to take double occupancy.

Class: Type D
Type: Provincial Merchant
Architect: Brett Kruger
Tech Level: 12
Tonnage: 600 dTons
flattened sphere hull
Cost: MCr 356.132
Jump-3, Man-1, Power-3
6, Pilot, Navigator, 3 Engineers, Medic/Steward
Cargo: 198 tons   Fuel: 198 tons    EP: 18       Agility:  3
Up to 6 triple turrets
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops
and purification plant for 200 tons
Single bridge with Model 3 computer
Air/raft pod
18 staterooms, 6 low berths

Architects Fee: MCr 3.555   Cost in Quantity: MCr 285.026