Sillus Chameleon

  The Sillus flower is a large hanging flower common to the jungles of Zemlya which grows up to 50 centimetres in length.  Looking identical to this flower is the extremely rare Sillus Chameleon, a creature that mimics the flower perfectly.
  The Sillus Chameleon hangs by its tail in a grove of Sillus flowers, giving it the perfect hiding spot.  When any small creatures come to take the nectar from it, the Sillus Chameleon wraps its tentacles around the victim.  It then draws the victim up into its body where the Sillus Chameleon envelopes its prey with its petal like outer body, suffocating the prey.  The Sillus Chameleon is then free to digest the prey at its leisure.
  The Sillus Chameleon is extremely fast, able to move at up to 150 meters per combat round through the jungle.  Not much is known about the Sillus Chameleon as they never live for more than a couple of days in captivity.  Their rarity and superb camouflage make them almost impossible to study in the wild.
  Unlike the Sillus flower, the Sillus Chameleon is extremely strong, however it will generally flee from larger creatures if discovered or attacked.

Sillus Chameleon Stats
Size: 2D6 hit (nothing)
Type: Carnivore/Trapper
Attacks: Teeth
Damage:  2D6
Abilities: Chameleon, Hide, Evade
Climate/Terrain: Jungle
Organisation: Individual