Succession Wars

  Reavers' Deep: Succession Wars details life in Reavers' Deep between the years 1114 and 1124, a period of time when civil and interstellar wars raged across the sector.  It is based on a Pocket Empires campaign I am currently running.  The premise of the campaign is the outbreak of civil war in the Carrillian Assembly in 1116 and ends with the final dissolution of the Assembly in 1124.  In the interim many wars between other polities in Reavers' Deep break out.

  While the wars are the focus of the campaign the actual catalyst for the conflicts begins in 1114 with the signing of the Second Treaty of Ftahalr.  This historic treaty results in the removal of Imperial, Solomani and Hierate forces from client states over the period of 1114 to 1116 and resulted in the instability that followed for many years.      

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