Pre The Long Night

Circa -300,000: It is assumed the Ancients settle humans on Drexilthar, Rejhappur and Ghost, and Droyne on Askoapoy (located within the Gralyn System) at this time.

Circa -300,000: Several large asteroidal masses strike Rejhappur during the Ancients' Final War.

Circa -50,000: The First agricultural civilisation in Reavers' Deep appears on Drexilthar.

Circa -2600: A rebellious provincial Vilani governor seeking allies bestows jump technology upon a warlike non-human race in Reavers' Deep, the Saie. The Saie forge a small empire of five or six worlds in the Caledon, Riftrim and Nightrim subsectors. However, after a time they become involved in a disastrous civil war that shatters their society, leaving behind only barbaric survivors on two worlds, Tsanesi and Glenshiel.

-2265: Zemlya settled by a mutineering Terran troop carrier.

Circa -2250: Terran explorers first venture into the Reavers’ Deep sector during a lull in the Interstellar Wars, and discover the Virushi of Virshash.

Circa -2250: Terran refugees opposed to the Terran absorption of the Vilani Empire settle on Caledon in what will become the Principality of Caledon in Reavers' Deep sector, led by prominent banker Charles Stuart Scott.

Circa -2249: Germine settled by an offshoot group from the Caledonian colony.

Circa -2235: Firth settled from Caledon.

-2204 to -1776: Various Terrans settle other suitable planets within the sector.

Circa -2000: Askoapoy discovered by Second Imperium scouts.

-1950: Pendang is colonised by Solomani settlers.

-1893: A scientific outpost is established on Askoapoy by Second Imperium scouts.

Circa -1800: Tashrakaar, a planet only marginally suitable for human life, is colonised by Solomani following a misjump and forced planet-fall.

-1800: The colony vessel Germania crash-lands on Hoffman.

-1778: Budgetary crisis on Daibei strands the human outpost on Askoapoy. The last starship leaves Askoapoy for help.